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Skins A400 Men's Compression Power Shorts

It is no mystery: even the most avid runner would give a leg (well, maybe an arm) to run the preferred distance with less effort. In the past, I already posted something about the training load and the relative rating of perceived exertion. One thing, though, should be clear without reading that article: good results are very likely to happen if the perceived exertion is low.
There is a company called SKINS that is taking this matter quite seriously since almost twenty years. Their philosophy is just simple: improve blood circulation and you'll work harder, longer and recover faster. That sounds like the Holy Grail of anyone doing sports, right? Actually, this idea seems to be more than a legend. The fundamental principle is to use compression clothes for increasing the blood velocity by reducing the blood vessels' cross sectional area. This should help reducing muscle soreness and speeding up recovery. To date, positive results are supported by a fair amount of peer-reviewed…

Hurdles are no obstacles

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April 2015 - Training recap

Track season finally arrived. And with it, an incredible peak of tiredness through the second half of the month. Something very close to what the Germans call "Spring Tiredness" (wikipedia link) or, to be fair and formally correct, "Frühjahrsmüdigkeit". Non-German readers: please don't close the page now. It's three words in one, nothing more than that, don't be scared. Anyway, despite this huge lack of forces that asked for more than one day off, I can definitely say I started with the right foot. First race over the 3000 m SC and personal best (10:15.75), simply controlling the splits and running as smoothly as possible. Nothing great, but another small brick in the wall before the intense month of May.
As usual, you can see all my training sessions details on the SportTracks mobi service.
Here the diary entries for the past April:
We01/04/2015 -Hilly 35' (float uphills).Th02/04/2015 -20' with 10 waterjumps, running drills, 2 easy strides on g…