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February 2015 - Training recap

During last February I tried to cross train as much as I could, mainly by doing some XC ski. Moreover, I started to add some hills and 10k race-pace to my medium/long workouts. Not a huge running volume then, but quite a fair amount of aerobic hours.
As usual, you can see all my training sessions details on the SportTracks mobi service.
Here the diary entries for the past February:
Su01/02/2015- RACE: 3000 m (NDM Halle - Berlin).
Mo02/02/2015- Easy 45'.
Tu03/02/2015- 25' on snow and ice.
We04/02/2015- Easy, hilly 20' on snow and ice, 2 easy strides, 5x200 m uphill reps on snow and ice, CD. Legs and core strength.
Th05/02/2015- 68' XC skiing.
Fr06/02/2015- 50' trail circuit on snow. 1h40' XC skiing.
Sa07/02/2015- 55' XC skiing. 2h XC skiing.
Su08/02/2015- Off.
Mo09/02/2015- 11 km progression from 4'20" to 3'20"/km, CD.
Tu10/02/2015- Off.
We11/02/2015- 20', 2 easy strides, 5x200 m on grass (32", 200 m jog rest), 5' walk rest, 5x300 m on g…