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January 2015 - Training recap

After quite a disappointing 2014, January 2015 has been the month of long-term plans. Around 30 km on indoor track trying to put together some speed and a 3k race to test the goal-pace for the outdoor season. In addition, I was curious to try a 1k and so I did. No big plans, thus, for the indoor season, but a lot of motivation to build up the basis for the upcoming steeplechase commitments.
As usual, you can see all my training sessions details on the SportTracks mobi service.
Here the diary entries for this January:
Th01/01/2015 - 60' free ice skating.
Fr02/01/2015- Easy, hilly, 25', 2 easy strides, 5x200 m uphill reps (200 m downhill jog rest), CD.
Sa03/01/2015- Slow, hilly, 20', easy 5x100 m strides on grass (100 m jog rest), CD.
Su04/01/2015- RACE: 10 km (23. Lauf um den Caputher See - Caputh).
Mo05/01/2015- Easy 30', legs and core strength.
Tu06/01/2015- 20' WU, running drills, 2 easy strides, easy 1x200 m, 400-600-400 m (64"-1'37"-66", 200 m jog…