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Grivel crampons regulation bar for small size boots.

In this short video I show the procedure to reduce the lenght of the regulation bar on Grivel crampons, to fit the crampon to small boots. You just need to remove the bar, turn it 180° and replace it on the other crampon (in order to maintain crampon both right and left). The function of the regulation spring is to hold the front section in place, but it can be removed (after taking off the regulation bar) and replaced with a screw and bolt: this gives you an extra two sizes.

Crampons on snowboard boots

In this post I publish some pictures of the Grivel G12 crampons (New Classic binding) perfectly fitting on a Burton Ruler snowboard boot (video review of the boot HERE). Nice job for Burton's team: Shrinkage™ reduces the boot’s overall footprint one full size, hoping we won't see anymore those enormous ships we saw in last 10 years.
For those people who asked me, this is the video of a BSA tour I made with this combination of crampons and snowboard boots (the full review of the tour in my blog is HERE):

Serata "Montagna Amica" con il CAI - 28/01/2011

From SITO COMUNE DI MIRANOSerata “Montagna Amica” con il CAINotizia del 21.01.2011
Il Club Alpino Italiano – sezione di Mirano “Alberto Azzolini” promuove il progetto interregionale di prevenzione e sicurezza“Montagna Amica”,che interessa il Veneto e il Friuli Venezia Giulia, e organizza unconvegno-serata venerdì 28 gennaio 2011 alle ore 21.00presso l’Auditorium “Arnaldo Trevisan” della Cittadella degli Studi di Mirano. I responsabili del CAI illustreranno le caratteristiche e le problematiche dell’ambiente innevato, i rischi presenti, le misure di prevenzione di base per effettuare escursioni montane in piena sicurezza.
Questo appuntamento, che ha come tema la prevenzione del rischio valanghe e, più in generale, del rischio di frequentazione della montagna in ambiente innevato, ha lo scopo di creare sensibilità, ovvero, accrescere la consapevolezza dei rischi e dei limiti personali. L'iniziativa si rivolge a tutti i frequentatori della montagna invernale, siano essi sci alpinisti, …

Forcella delle Sasse (2476 m) and Cima della Moiazzetta della Grava (2727 m)

This could be one of the next tours, with a total drop of 1350 m, if locating the start in Pecol. It's a BSA, maybe a little more if we consider the final top (II).

Cima della Moiazzetta della Grava:

Forcella delle Sasse:


Avalanche safety tutorial

From, a quick tutorial concerning avalanche safety: AVALANCHE SAFETY TUTORIAL (click here).

North American Avalanche Danger Scale:

European Avalanche Danger Scale:

Avalanche survival curve

From "Researchers using data gathered by the Swiss Avalanche Research Center at Davos for accidents between 1981 and 1991 have plotted the survival probability of a victim buried under snow against time.[...]This figure was quite surprising for researchers, despite advances in medicine and search and rescue such as the widespread introduction of Recco equipment the death rate from avalanches remains fairly constant at around 25-30 per year in France or around 60% of victims on extraction. This is largely due to the average response time of the search and rescue services which is 45 minutes in France. This is the time to process the emergency call, warm the motor of a helicopter, fly to and locate the scene of the accident then deploy the search and rescue services. Two thirds of avalanche victims will succumb in that critical half hour.

The Four Phases of the Avalanche Survival Curve Survival Phase In the first 15 minutes 93% of avalanche victims are stil…

22/01/2011 - Monte Pore (2405 m)

Followed the detailed relation found HERE. Nothing to add.