November 2015 - Training recap

It is finally XC season! The first colds, the first snow and, as usual, the first cross-country races. November started with the long-waited Berlin and Brandenburg XC Champs, where I managed to get a 7th place in the long-distance (2nd in the age-group 30-35). Then a very intense measurements plan lead me to Kassel for one week, where I could enjoy a couple of track sessions in the beautiful main stadium. After the commitments related to the university, the "classical" marathon relay (now renamed to Airfield Run) allowed to run a pretty quick 5k for the Leidig24 Triathlon Team. Even if I faced a strong headwind for around 2 km, I still managed to run a 16'45" that, given the part of the season and the weather conditions, left me with quite a good feeling. Next, just a couple of days ago and always with the same team, I ran for the first time the Berliner Ruder-Club XC relay. A beautiful event indeed, with the interesting format of 4x6 km in the woods. Also, we won …

October 2015 - Training recap

October is usually an easy month for running. Not for my PhD though. The annual Autumn School we organise and a recent publication of ours on foot strike patterns really filled every free spot in my schedule. A little cold around half month took me down for around 10 days, but was nothing serious fortunately. In preparation for another full month, I did only a few kilometres and started to get into the XC mood!

As usual, you can see all my training sessions details on the SportTracks mobi service. Here the diary entries for the past October:

Fr02/10/2015Measurements @ HU Berlin, easy 30'.
Sa03/10/2015RACE: 11.9 km XC (Sägerserie 2015 - 1. Lauf).
Su04/10/2015Slow 30'.40' aggressive inline (skate park).
Mo05/10/2015Easy 35'.
Sa10/10/2015Slow 30'.
Mo12/10/2015Easy 50' with some hills.30' ice skating.
Tu13/10/201515', 15' fartlek, 15'.
We14/10/2015Slow 40'.

Do you know how you run? A study on foot strike patterns.

In the past three years, for my PhD, I had the chance to evaluate the running technique of around 250 people. I dealt with a wide spectrum of experience levels an running styles. The most common feedback I received, though, is that people don't know how they run. Even semi-pros.
An article about foot strike patterns, of which I am the first author, was published two days ago on the Annals of Biomedical Engineering. This study was mainly aimed to validate an automatic foot strike patterns assessment method. But what is the foot strike pattern (FSP)? Nothing more than the way our feet come in contact with the ground. If you simply divide the foot into three equal parts, you can call them fore- mid- and rearfoot (see Figure 1).

By looking at which of the three parts comes first in contact with the ground, one can determine the FSP and classify it as forefoot, midfoot or rearfoot strike (FS, MS and RS, respectively). It would be possible to use a videocamera to analyze this kind of e…

September 2015 - Training recap

With September the preparation for the winter season continued in the name of volume with just a bit of quality. I kept on running some 10k race pace and started retrieving a bit of speed.
As usual, you can see all my training sessions details on the SportTracks mobi service. Here the diary entries for the past September:
We02/09/2015Easy 40'.
Th03/09/2015Easy 45' with some intervals (15'+10x30"+15').
Fr04/09/2015105' sailing (Uni-Jolle, Friday Regatta).
Sa05/09/2015Legs and core strength.Off.
Su06/09/2015Arms, legs and core strength.Easy 60', 5x100 m strides (100 m jog rest).
Mo07/09/2015Easy 40'.
Tu08/09/2015Easy 15', 4 km tempo run (10 km race pace), easy 15'.
We09/09/201515', 2 strides on grass, 8x60 m sprints on grass (60 m jog rest), CD.
Th10/09/2015Arms, legs and core strength.
Fr11/09/2015Easy 60'.
Sa12/09/2015Slow 40'.90' sailing (Laser Bahia).
Su13/09/201555' slow inline skating.
Mo14/09/2015Hilly 20'.25…

August 2015 - Training recap

After some wonderful weeks spent at congresses and on holiday, it's again time to think about the winter season. August has been quite relaxed even if the mileage increased considerably. When possible, I tried to jump on a bike or start back sailing, in order to cross train a bit. Some days in Italy allowed me to enjoy some beautiful hill and mountain sessions. Just one race during this month: a 5x4.2195 m relay I used to test my 10k race pace.
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As usual, you can see all my training sessions details on the SportTracks mobi service.
Here the diary entries for the past August:
Sa01/08/2015Easy, hilly, 35'.
Su02/08/201565' technical trail.
Mo03/08/2015Easy, hilly 25', slow 15', running drills, 4 strides on grass.
Tu04/08/2015Arms and core st…

July 2015 - Training recap

Holidays time! July has been quite easy. "Only" a tough, hilly race: the terrible Nordberliner Zugspitzlauf, a wonderful mix of up- and downhills in a lovely park (GPS here and a couple of pictures below). I managed to lower again my PB (49:10 in 2013, 46:00 in 2014 and 44:55 in 2015) and to receive back a solid hill session. After that it has been all about congresses (International Society of Biomechanics in Glasgow) and holidays. In August I'll start again with some mileage and very few sessions on the track.

As usual, you can see all my training sessions details on the SportTracks mobi service. Here the diary entries for the past July:
We01/07/2015Slow 30'.
Th02/07/2015Easy 15', 20' jog, 35' XC, CD.
Fr03/07/2015Arms, legs and core strength.
Sa04/07/2015Easy 10', 10' XC, CD.Easy, hilly, 25'. Core strength.
Su05/07/201530' XC.
Mo06/07/2015Easy 30' with some progression, CD.
Tu07/07/2015Easy 20', 2 strides, 8x100 m steep trail uphill re…

June 2015 - Training recap

Finally I did it! The amazing Sparkassen Gala meeting gifted me with my first sub-10, 9:58.22 to be accurate. Given the high level of the field I had to run most of the race alone (finishing last, even if a slower competitor dropped out). But the crazy support of the LG Nord Berlin team, and particularly of the chairman Klaus Brill, injected me with a fair amount of motivation. Keeping the pace appeared incredibly easy and I have been confident almost all the race that I could do it. The splits revealed a solid sequence with 3:15/3:22/3:21, with a quite relaxed second km.
Perspectives now clearly changed. Translating a difficult target into reality gives you the chance of looking at things differently. Now I'll slow down a bit, aiming to increase the mileage from the second half of August focusing on preparing some longer stuff before the exciting winter season.

As usual, you can see all my training sessions details on the SportTracks mobi service. Here the diary entries for the …